When do you start recruiting for the overseas programs?




  • tytyguthrie

    I have completed the online form however, when I click the registration button it prompted me that I need to add a valid email address.

  • Browntamara070

    Good afternoon I have been in your system for awhile now, an I am wondering how do I move forward from being in the system to a actual job.

  • Tyson

    Good Afternoon, 

    Once you register, you can login and start applying for jobs on ejamjobs.com.   Many jobs including H2B jobs are private and do not get posted.  Our Recruiters and Employers can search for your skillset, find you and contact you directly.  

  • Tyson

    Good Evening Browntamara070,


    Can you please fill out a ticket privately and put your email address in it?  We can take a look and see what is going on.

  • Claudia Layne

    I have already registered on E-Jam and my resume uploaded, what's next?

  • Tyson

    Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for registering :)

    You can now apply for jobs that interest you once you're logged in.


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